Repurposed kids fashion sustainable capsule from Portugal by YAY.

“In a year that has turned our lives inside out, YAY is proud to announce the “Reborn Collection”, a new upcycled capsule collection that address the need for more environmentally respectful practices in the fashion industry.

The Reborn Collection takes repurposed leftover materials sourced from previous collections like bold plaids, denim and faux fur to create vintage looks that will look cool forever.

“I think there’s something really beautiful when it comes to print, that there are ways to give a longer life cycle to the things that we create. Some of the fabrics used are from our first collection so this was a very emotional creative process”, says Milena Melo, creative director of YAY. The old reasons why we wear what we do no longer apply. We’re looking away from the industry and back to…

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