“Tap In” singer Saweetie decided to tap in to her fanbase yesterday to get their feedback on a very important decision: What color nails should she get next?

On Friday, November 27, Saweetie posted a photo of her bare stiletto nails on Twitter with the caption, “Don’t play w the shape 😛 What color / design should I get?” Fans were quick to respond with the most creative, festive, and intriguing options.

“Green with red snowflakes, it’s Christmas time!,” one fan suggested, to which Saweetie responded, “Mr mam now I got a long time before Christmas maybe later.” Other suggestions included marble nails, body outline nails, Power Puff Girls inspired nails, and a snowflake wonderland-inspired set. Clearly, Saweetie had a huge range of options to choose from, and she truly listened to fans when deciding.

A few hours later, Saweetie took to Instagram Stories to share her new look, first…

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