It seems that every other week Saweetie is at the center of a Twitter debate – whether it’s about Birkin bags and the hip-hop community or how men should slide in the DMs. While some of these Twitter discourses are lighthearted and filled with emojis, those pertaining to fashion have snowballed into bigger gossip. Now, Saweetie is addressing trolls directly. 

During the summer, when Saweetie celebrated her birthday with a ’90s-themed party donning lengthy acrylic nails as a part of her look, some Twitter users rushed to attack and label her, describing her look as “hood b*tch cosplay.” There was one tweet in particular that went viral and sparked a conversation. While discussing her style choices in a new interview with Elite Daily, Saweetie addressed the comments head-on.

“I want her to stop the hood b*tch cosplay!!! These nails are ridiculous and gimmicky,” the…

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