We spend ages looking for the right shampoos, conditioners and styling products to make our hair look shampoo commercial-worthy, but most of us are overlooking one major area: our scalps. It’s time that everyone is in on the secret because good hair doesn’t start with our strands — it starts with a healthy scalp. While the right shampoo is brilliant for keeping scalps in check, a scalp exfoliator is an under-the-radar product that can turn every day into a good hair day.

Exfoliation is a regular part of skin care yet it has probably never crossed the majority of our minds when it comes to hair care. Carolyn Aronson, CEO and founder of It’s a 10 Haircare, explains that the benefit of scalp exfoliation is that it removes dead skin cells, dirt, dandruff, oil and product buildup. This is different from a regular shampoo which only removes surface dirt and impurities. Crucially,…

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