As far as the products themselves go, Selena tells us that the texture in all of the products is “very flexible” and they are meant to suit anyone. “Most products you can just use your finger if you’d like,” she says. 

Aside from its 48-shade foundation offering, Rare Beauty will launch with a very exciting, new lip product. Selena’s love for lip products is no secret — ” I’m aa sucker for red,” she admitted — that’s why she’s launching her brand with “lip souffles,” a product that she had admits went through a lot of trial and error. “I think [we were] very specific on how we wanted it to feel and how we wanted to make sure it didn’t feel, so it felt like a mousse but a lip stain at the same time and you could do touch-ups throughout the day,” Selena says.

In addition to that, there are concealers and also blushes, which Selena loves because “it wakes you up…

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