Patrick Starrr’s review of Selena Gomez’s newly-launched Rare Beauty caused quite a bit of buzz this week on social, and now Sel’s brand has officially responded.

ICYMI, Patrick posted a video on September 6 where he tried out all of the Rare products, offering his thoughts on each as he went. His video ended on a positive note, with the YouTuber shouting out the concealer, blush, and lip balm as his favorite pieces in the line. “Overall, I love the brand. It’s very clean, fresh, natural.”

However, some fans took issue with his review, accusing the YouTuber of comparing Selena’s products to his own and using the video to advertise his own brand, ONE/SIZE Beauty. “I feel like if you don’t actually want to promote brands other than your own, then just don’t do reviews,” one fan commented on the video, with another writing: “He literally compares his brand to hers the…

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