What was your last pair of fake eyelashes made out of? It might not be the first thing to cross your mind while browsing your favorite beauty retailer’s website, but there’s a chance they came from mink fur. Yes, minks: the adorable little mammals that are well-known for their soft fur, sometimes used to make coats. It goes without saying that using mink fur to create falsies isn’t cruelty-free, and for that reason, Sephora has just vowed to stop selling mink-based lashes online and in-store.

The company told Allure they had already started 2020 with plans to phase mink lashes out of its stock. And this week, after a campaign by animal rights activist organization PETA for the brand to do so, the retailer confirmed that it will cease acquisition and sales of all mink-based falsies. “Following a PETA campaign and emails from more than 280,000 concerned shoppers, Sephora has confirmed…

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