Shane Dawson has chosen to address “all of the racism [he] put onto the internet” with a 20-minute apology video.

The YouTuber uploaded the video — titled “Taking Accountability — on Friday, June 26 following the online backlash regarding his previous post about leaving the beauty world. Throughout the video, he addressed multiple past actions including portraying racist stereotypes in sketches, saying the N-word, and joking about pedophilia.

“The biggest problem with me doing that and posting it on the internet was it made young people at the time who were watching me think it was okay,” Shane said. “I’ve had people tell me, ‘Yeah, I used to watch your videos as a kid and I never saw anything wrong with that,’ and that is scary because it made me realize: oh my god, I’ve been a part of such a huge problem, and I have just been avoiding it — and that’s wrong. I’m so sorry. I’m…

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