Shay Mitchell couldn’t resist participating in the “What I Would Wear” TikTok trend, but she put a special spin on her video to bring back a few of her most iconic characters.

In her version of the popular challenge, where a TikTok user shows off what they’d wear in a variety of situations, appearing on a favorite TV show or traveling back in time, Shay stands in her giant closet, stuffed to the brim with fab clothing and designer bags, donning a simple white terrycloth robe. “Which character should I be today?” she muses, with a sparkle in her eye. Suddenly, Shay is dressed head to toe in glamour as Peach Salinger, the ill-fated heiress from Netflix’s You, rocking a silky leopard top, a Chanel bag, black skinny jeans, and sunglasses. Peach, we miss you!

It would have been fun enough to get a throwback peek at Peach, but Shay isn’t done there! Next up is Emily Fields,…

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