Rosalía loves nails so much she made an entire music video about them, so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised by her new manicure. Judging by her latest updates on Instagram, the singer recently flew to Los Angeles, dressed in heather gray sweatpants, the unofficial uniform of flyers everywhere — but in a very Rosalía twist, she paired her leisurewear with matching ultra-long speckled gray nails.

To be fair, Rosalía didn’t exactly glam down for her flight. She completed her look with a bustier top and stiletto booties, which I for one would pay good money to see her attempt to zip up with those two-inch long nails. It would be an Airport Lewk even without the matching mani, but the nails turn the outfit into a vision worthy of the pop star-slash-nail icon.

The coordinating nails also bring up some questions: How far in advance did Rosalía plan this outfit? Will she wear gray shades…

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