There is a handful of defining moments growing up when one bids adieu to one’s childish ways and moves on to “adulthood'” Graduating college, moving to your first apartment, and going to the doctor without having your mom describe your symptoms are some of the ‘big three’ pivotal moments. But let’s not forget the underdogs. For some it’s eating veggies instead of crinkling your nose and tossing them aside (or drowning them in cheese), for others is discovering that dark chocolate is by far the superior chocolate (I said what I said), and for others like me, is actually enjoying sparkling water.

Now, as I kid I was waay too familiar with fizzy, soda filled drinks. The bubbles exploding in your mouth, the slight burn of the mix of carbonated water, and artificial sweeteners going down your throat paired with whatever sugary snack or pizza was the height of luxury. If you gave me that…

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