Good morning, Upper East Siders! Gossip Girl here with a hilarious blooper from the sixth season that has recently been discovered by an eagle-eyed TikTok user. Are you ready to learn S’s sartorial secrets?

As noted by E! News, TikTok user @skyehanamaikai was rewatching the show, as one does from time to time, when they noticed something a bit odd about Serena’s outfit in one scene of Season 6, Episode 4, “Portrait of a Lady Alexander.” S is seen storming out of a lunch date with Dan (AKA LonelyBoy) in a very 2012 tangerine bandage dress, sky-high platform pumps, and a snakeskin bag — quite the Serena van der Woodsen look if there ever was one — and you can see she’s rocking bare legs. However, when the camera cuts back to her at a closer angle, there’s something different about Serena’s look: a pair of sweatpants is clearly visible under the dress, just pulled down a bit. OMG!…

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