It’s looking like we are slowly but carefully reentering the real world after months of being safely tucked away at home. Have you been wearing jeans or sweatpants most of the days these past months? Or have you continued with your normal routine dressing as if you had somewhere to go?

Either way, you must at least be somewhat excited to break up your homebound routine. Fortunately it is summer, a really fun time to dress, both casually and more formally. Also fortunately for us, designers have created really fun clothing for this season where you can really have fun, if so inclined.

The first great style, which you may already own, is bold colors. If you are crazy about jewel tones but are afraid to wear them for fear of standing out, your worries are over. Bold colors from head to toe will garner you glances, but only because you will look so “au courant”. If you love…

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