Abacaxi started as a creative project, and Sood continued to do freelance textile and print design for companies like Anthropologie and Rachel Roy to keep herself afloat. In 2018, she felt beset by the industry again, so she took her savings from her previous jobs and fully dedicated herself to running Abacaxi.

Memories from the ’80s and ’90s serve as some of the main inspirations for the brand, whether it’s Sood’s mother’s bejeweled Indian outfits, or Sood’s love for Mariah Carey’s sparkling butterflies. She also lists Ashish and Maryam Nassir Zadeh as having a big impact on her aesthetic. “I love Ashish’s flamboyant designs and all of his sequin work, and Maryam Nassir Zadeh has such an amazing sense of color and styling,” Sood states. Her interest in delicate, hand-done embellishments is evident: Many of her designs feature elements such as mirror work, crochet,…

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