Which are the best pajamas out there? Well, when it comes to pjs, there are different types of people and preferences. Some prefer the good ‘ol oversized college sweatshirt, some can only do slip dresses, others can’t fathom how people wear sets that don’t match (hint: it’s not that hard), while others only wear pajama-esque pieces outside of the house. Regardless of which category you fall into, what will ring true is that you most likely change pajamas through the seasons – at least when it comes to prints. Printed pajamas have a big say on when to wear what, just like every other garment in your closet. During the winter, plaid pajama and red and green pajama sets are hard to escape but during spring pastel colors come into play and yes, all things floral.

So, as you analyze your pajama habits, and are reconsidering in which category you want to fall into from now on…

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