The most popular example of cultural appropriation in beauty is perhaps the Kardashians family, who are infamously known for being “culture vultures” with their extreme tans that borderline Blackfishing more often than not to surgically enhance their bodies to be more voluminous to cornrows, the list goes on and on. The idea that Asianness could be co-opted for an aesthetic is an outrageous one, but not a new one.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the Asian American community has been targeted at large. Terms like the ‘Chinese Virus’ (perpetuated by the President himself) have added to the false narrative that people of Chinese descent (or those of any Asian heritage) are responsible for the illness that’s taken so many lives. In that regard, racism is open and clear. But in other instances, such as the fox eye, it’s a little bit more insidious.

Issa Okamoto, who is of mixed…

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