Red lipstick is a cosmetic staple for many women, whether it’s a go-to personal confidence booster or an easy night out accessory. But, the modern-day relationship between women and red lipstick is actually rooted in history. In the early 20th century, red lipstick was synonymous with power and strength, specifically during the Suffragettes movement. The movement, which campaigned for votes for middle-class, property-owning women and believed in peaceful protest, had quite the connection to beauty. As these women fought for their rights, red lipstick became a part of their uniform. The bold and dauntless red was feminine, yet daring and powerful. It became symbolic of strength during a time when men were trying to strip that away from women.

“In order to gain more notoriety and attention to their cause, some ladies would wear lipstick to their public events. This was seen as the…

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