This post will show you the top fall 2020 trends and how to style them into cute fall outfits.

Ah, fall — also known as basic girl season. While I love a pumpkin spice latte and a fedora hat just like any other girl (no hate here!), it seems we are all stuck in a rut when it comes to fall fashion.

I mean I get it, its like living in any episode of Gilmore Girls, a show who only realized the passing of the seasons during its revival ten years later. But this year with such few occasions to step outside, we need to make it count.

The supermarket aisle is your runway, the corner by your street is your Vogue set. Here are the top fall 2020 trends to know and how to wear them.

The Hottest Fall 2020 Trends to Know:

First, I’ll share the…

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