Do you like to wear scrunchies? Can you not leave your house without your reusable water bottle and metal straws? Do you feel the need to take a pic of the sunset whenever it’s extra stunning (aka every day)? Have you been wanting to buy yourself a pair of Vans slip-ons? 

If you answered, yes to most of the previous questions, then you’re a VSCO girl. VSCO girls have a vibe all their own—and this turtle-loving, messy-bunned tribe is taking over TikTok and Instagram. 

What is a VSCO girl? 

The VSCO photo editing app gave birth to the aptly named VSCO girl. She is a social media enthusiast who constantly uses the app to create a consistent social media aesthetic. The sentiment “pics or didn’t happen” resonates strongly with her. 

VSCO girls channel a specific vibe. Beyond their enthusiasm for Instagram and Tiktok, they tend to care deeply about the environment, prefer a pastel…

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