Normally, my job entails perusing the internet for “research” purposes (and, yes, I’m aware of this giant perk). In order to stay up to date with new products, trends, dupes, you name it, “online shopping” basically takes up most of my day. Lately, however, my job entails perusing TikTok for all the aforementioned.

As *Teen Vogue’*s self-proclaimed TikTok connoisseur, I don’t mind scrolling hours on end on the app because it’s all in the name of journalism, right? Right. From the fashion brands Gen Z can’t get enough of and newfound cult beauty products to breaking down the safety behind the skin exfoliating trend taking over the app and the importance of getting professional advice before cutting your own bangs, there’s a lot to unpack from all of the under one-minute videos I watch daily. The latest I wish I had discovered waaay sooner? The $10 Walmart jeans that are actually good

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