Fashion’s future is already here. This September, we ask What Is Fashion Now? by exploring the people, concepts, and ideas that are pushing us forward in times of unprecedented change. In this story, we talk with five black women about roller-skating, taking up space, and personal style. 

The feeling that roller-skating creates, they say, is like flying: magical, unforgettable, impossible.

“I feel so free. I feel liberated,” says Liliana Ruiz, who has been skating since childhood, adding that roller-skating “serves as a great form of therapy.” Similarly, Kamry James, a stylist, model, and roller-skating instructor, says, “I forget about problems that are going on outside of roller-skating when I’m just cruising down on the beach.” And Jasmine Moore, a college student, has a series on IGTV called Skate Dial, in which she chats with other skaters about topics such as…

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