Fashion may be cyclical but some trends leave behind a deeper mark than others. Past low rise jeans and fanny packs, the’00s gave us Ashley Tisdale and her iconic red carpet looks.

If you were a High School Musical stan, Ashley’s most memorable moments look will reign supreme in your memory and now, the Gen Z team is recreating them all for our viewing pleasure.

On April 14, Ellie Addi, a 19-year-old teen from the U.K., posted a series of photos of herself on Twitter recreating three of Ashley’s legendary looks from the ‘00s. For her first look, Ellie chose Ashley’s signature pink boa, sleep mask combo. She completed the look with a tank top over a long tee, blinged-out heart belt, and slippers.

Next, she went for the classic tee, denim skirt, high socks, and Uggs combo. And lastly, Ashley’s sparkly dress moment over light wash jeans. Each recreation is flawless so it’s not…

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