Welcome to Teen Vogue’s 25 Days of Splurging Luxe Gift Guide. 2020 has been hard enough, so this holiday season we’re indulging ourselves (and others) with these luxury gifts from some of our favorite brands. Check back here every day until Christmas for some aspirational gift inspiration. 

What can’t an accordion bag do? It may not be able to play music like its whimsical sibling, but it’s both functional and beautiful in its own way. The Tory Burch bag can collapse to get really teeny tiny but still expand enough to hold all of your essential items (plus lil’ extra). When opened, it boasts a beautiful pleated texture similar to that of an actual accordion. The concept of such a bag isn’t anything new, but the pleats are often tucked away on the fold of the bag. This Tory Burch bag puts the accordion design on full display and captures the elegance and quirks of the…

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