A new TikTok video edit involving Zendaya has gone viral on Twitter, raising the eyebrows of many users who are not shying away from sharing their feelings.

The video in question features a red carpet photo of Zendaya looking as flawless as usual. In the first seconds of the clip, though, the phrase “giving celebrities perfect facial features” appears on the screen. The video then goes on to change nearly every feature of the Euphoria star’s face — from slimming her nose to making her eyes bigger to changing her brow bone and brow shape entirely. At the end of the video, Zendaya is completely unrecognizable and fans are rightfully not happy about it.

Though it appears the original video has since been deleted from TikTok (it is also possible that the original poster might have deactivated their account), a Twitter user has saved it and propelled it to virality for the right reasons….

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