Edward Enninful has broken multiple barriers on numerous occasions throughout his tenure at British Vogue. Just look at last month’s Judi Dench offering. The month prior Rihanna also made history by sporting a durag on the magazine’s front cover. Now in response to the global pandemic, the mag drops three July 2020 covers celebrating frontline workers. Captured by photographer Jamie Hawkesworth, train driver Narguis Horsford, midwife Rachel Millar and supermarket worker Anisa Omar each earn solo covers impressing our forum members to no end.


Narguis’ cover (above) was the first to drop. “What a FANTASTIC cover! Wow. This just shows we honestly don’t need any of today’s working models,” voiced [Piece Of Me].

“Incredibly beautiful cover,” raved Blayne266.

“Finally, a magazine that got it 100 percent right,” applauded Yohji.

[ Not a tFS forum member…

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