In February 2018, Essie Grundy, a Black woman living in California, filed a lawsuit against Walmart for racial discrimination, claiming the company was violating her civil rights by displaying Black personal care products in locked anti-theft cases. In an official statement, Grundy said she felt “angry, sad, frustrated, and humiliated all at the same time,” while trying to purchase beauty products three different times in one month—the last of which, she said, included a 48-cent comb. On her third visit to the store, she said, an employee accompanied her to the cash register where she wasn’t permitted to hold the comb on her own until she had paid for it. “I never want my children, or anyone else’s children, to experience what I did in Walmart that day,” she said in her statement.

According to the New York Times, court documents show that Grundy dropped the lawsuit in…

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