MP: The sideburns were the fashion of the period. We did that thing in prep of just getting the guys to grow beards, then we would shave them down to a length, and then we would look at them and show the producers to see if they agreed with it. For some of the boys, like for Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton), we had sideburn extensions and it gives some natural shading.

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With the boys, we wanted to keep the silhouette of the period but also bring a modern element to them to make them look really hot. We would have the quiffs, so each boy would be blow-dried during make-up. In that period, men wore rouge, so we would also put a little bit of rouge on them to make them look handsome and like a model for a magazine.

Teen Vogue: You must be incredibly proud of Queen Charlotte’s larger-than-life wigs, which took about three or four weeks to create. Did…

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