Tell us the story of your family jewel.
This piece was given to me by my mom. It’s a gold choker that my dad had given her when they were younger. My mom customized the piece with three little charms that are removable, which makes it extremely versatile. Growing up I would always scavenge through her jewelry box because she always had the most amazing collection of chunky gold jewelry, so over time she just started picking out pieces to give me. I received this piece from her this summer, right before starting my first year of law school. I love the ’80s aesthetic of this necklace and what it does to an outfit, but what I really love is the story that it tells me. Though my parents are now divorced, when I wear it, I am reminded of both them in the best way and I think of each of us a little charm, bopping around my neck. Cheesy, I know, but I can’t help that I am a hopeless romantic. This piece truly is so special to me and I hope to pass it down to my daughter one day.

Tell us about your relationship with secondhand items.
My love for shopping vintage started long before I received this piece. When I was younger, I gleaned a lot of inspiration from my grandmother, who was the most elegant and chic woman I have ever met, to do this day. I often found that to emulate her, I had to go out of my way to find very special and unique pieces — pieces you could not typically find in a department store. The inspiration from my grandmother coupled with a plethora of flea markets, swap meets, and vintage stores at my disposal, allowed me to become well-versed in the ways of thrifting by the time I was in middle school. Since then, vintage shopping has been my preferred method of shopping because it has always managed to speak to my ever-evolving and dynamic style, and for that, I will always love it.

Tell us the story of your family jewel.
I inherited my pearl necklaces from my mother. She gave them to me for my wedding day so I could wear “something old“ and honor my family heritage. It means a lot to me as the pearls remind me of my family, as well as of my wonderful wedding day.

Tell us about your relationship with secondhand items.
I have had my own vintage clothing business for quite some time before my mother gave me the pearls, but my affection for vintage is definitely connected to her. [Now] my whole days revolve around sustainable shopping. It’s an absolute dream come true to run my own vintage clothing company with two stores in two countries, and we‘re right now about to open a third store in London.

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