Whew, March has been a month. We thought a lot had happened during February but 2020 isn’t playing with us. As our daily routines and lives keep getting affected by the COVID-19 pandemic (and our joint efforts to stop its spread), there’s a lot of uncertainty in the air, which includes our online shopping habits.

Over at Teen Vogue we’re conscious about how the e-commerce industry is adjusting to living in a pandemic. Our commerce content strives to inform and educate about what you need to know about shopping during the coronavirus crisis, whether it’s supporting small businesses, taking note of the companies that are helping the fight, or how can you be mindful of what you’re buying (and where you’re buying it from).

That said, wallet-friendly distractions are an inevitable coping mechanism for some. So, whether you were copping new found items from our evergreen content, or new…

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