Washing your face in the shower could be harming your skin. Image: Imaxtree

It turns out, the things we love most about showers may actually be problematic for skin. The hot, steamy water and pressure from the showerhead are actually too harsh for your face, says Kat Burki, founder of Kat Burki. The length of time you’re in the shower also matters. According to Emily Cunningham, co-founder and COO of True Moringa, showering in hot water for an extended period of time can leave skin dry, damaged and starved for the nutrients and oils it needs. Plus, it can dilate blood vessels and capillaries, causing redness. It’s best to keep showers short and use a more moderate water temperature, agrees Claire Zhao, co-founder and CEO of Amareta. (Bonus: Water bills should improve along with skin.)

Athena Hewett, esthetician and founder of Monastery, always instructs her clients to wash their…

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